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What we sell

NIKS is a causal dining full-service dine-in a restaurant serving many traditional Italian entrees plus many other items that are unique to NIKS.  All of our products can be consumed on-premises or have them readied for carryout/pick up.  We also offer meals in large formats for pick up or drop off.  NIKS is a full-service bar and has beverages available for dine-in or carry out with food.

Payment Method and Currency

You can pay in person, online, or over the phone.  We accept US currency as well as VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

Customer Service Contact

If you have an issue with a product or service we welcome you to give us a call at 512-487-5999 and ask for the Manager On Duty.  Any time we are open there is a manager on duty and they have the authority to handle whatever problem you might have.  You can also email us at or

Fulfillment Policy and Delivery

If you are not satisfied with your product we will replace the product for free.  Issues must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of the product being produced and you must have consumed it on-site or picked it up yourself.  If a 3rd Party delivery company picks up the product then we can not guarantee the condition of that product after it leaves our doors. Any complaints you have about that product should be taken up with the 3rd Party delivery company.

If we deliver a product we guarantee that it will be there within 30 minutes of the agreed-upon time and our satisfaction policy to replace it for free is honored.  If a 3rd Party does the delivery we can make no guarantees as to delivery times.


Bentobox is our web site manager/system.  Their policy is "BentoBox uses SSL for security on the web, and our eCommerce tools are fully PCI compliant. We never store any of your customers’ credit card numbers on our servers".

NIKS computer systems also are PCI compliant with our credit card processor.  We do not keep any of your credit card information on our system.  We do not recommend that you send us in a text format your credit or debit card information.  If you want to pay directly without coming in then you will either need to order online and pay online or give us a phone call at 512-487-5999.

Location and Contact

Phone: 512-487-5999

In-person at our business address:  7900 N FM 620, unit 100, Austin, TX 78726

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